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Friday, 27 March 2015 would be one of the happiest days in my life. It sounds like i’m exagerrating but I’m not. Well, on that day, I got an autograph from “my favorite politician”, Enrique Peñalosa, ex mayor of Bogota. Normally, i don’t like politicians but he’s different. Even though nobody is perfect (politicians too) but he has something that I admire : his environmental and urban planning policy. When he was being a mayor of Bogota (1998-2001), bus rapid transit (in Bogota it’s called “Transmilenio, “older brother” of transjakarta) and bike lane were constructed. In addition, Bogota has more parks and more sidewalks.

IMG-20150321-WA0001At the beginning of his three-year term as mayor of Bogotá, Penalosa was nearly impeached because he managed to ban cars from the sidewalks. What triggered his impeachment was the protest from business owners accustomed to using pedestrian walkways as their designated parking areas.

IMG-20150321-WA0003 IMG-20150321-WA0002  His statements regarding urban planning always become my favorite quotes. Here are some of them  :

– “A bicycle path is a symbol that $30 bicycle is equally important to one in a $30000 dollar car”

– “God made us walking animals, pedestrians. as a fish needs to swim, a bird to fly, a deer to run, we need to walk, not in order to suvive but to be happy”

– “In developing-world cities, the majority of people don’t have cars, so I will say, when you construct a good sidewalk, you are constructing democracy. A sidewalk is a symbol of equality”

Right now, Peñalosa is a consultant and president of board of Institute For Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP). For your information, I didn’t meet Peñalosa personally. A friend of mine who works for ITDP Indonesia went to Karachi to attend a meeting and Peñalosa was there too. Surprisingly, Penalosa sent me messages through a video. He’s very friendly and sympathetic. Someday, I hope I can meet him in person 🙂


By reading the title you will know that I consider sports as one of the most important things in my life. Well, honestly, i don’t exaggerate it. I feel guilty if don’t exercise. When I was a child, I had a dream to become a badminton player but unfortunately my parents weren’t allow me. And then i developed my interest in football (you can see my blog about how I developed my interest in football https://deportistaverde.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/i-was-called-tomboy-because-i-love-football/ ) and even i work sports industry since 2013. People often think that those who work in sports media absolutely like doing sports, but in reality, not all. The reason is because they don’t have time although I think it’s merely a justification. 😀 . You can do exercise in a simple way, for example : walking. In the next paragraph I will explain more about what I do to maintain my health :

1. Walking

WALKINGI really love walking if it’s possible. Since I was child, my father always tell me that walking is important for our health. When I was 5 years old, my father asked me to join him to walk from our house in Utan Kayu (East Jakarta)  to my aunt’s house in Pondok Gede. Can you all imagine that? The distance was 15 km and I forgot how many hours we need to arrive there. I was mad at that time because it was very far. My father sometimes carried me and my brother- alternately- on his back. Until now I don’t know why I participated in my father’s crazy idea.

When I was in junior high school, I walked from my school to my house. The distance was approximately 2 km. There was a reason behind the decision to walk to my house. At that time, I didn’t want to be picked by carpool because i wanted to be free. If I would have been picked by carpool, I hadn’t have time to socialize with my friends because I should go home on time. A few years later, when i was in senior high school, I used to walk from my school to the main street (approximately 1,5 km) to save my money because my parents gave me a very limited amount of money.

My tendency to walk for a short distance has helped me a lot, especially when i travelled to other country. When I visited Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Mexico City, I walked much because they have good sidewalk. Here, in Jakarta, I started to walk more in February 2013. At that time, I work in Pluit (North jakarta). The distance from transjakarta bus station to my office was 1 km. Many people took motorcycle taxi (a.k.a “ojek” )  but I didn’t want to because it was expensive (10000 rupiahs). Well, if the price were not expensive, I wasn’t interested too because i would prefer to walk. In total, when i worked in Pluit, I walked 3,5 kms a day.  I consist of walking from transjakarta bus station to my office, back and forth, and also walking from my house to the main street, back and forth, too.

Consequently, my tendency brought positive thing : I lost weight. From February 2013 to November 2014, I lost 9kgs. Many people asked me if I underwent strict diet. Well it’s impossible for me who love chocolate to do that 😀 :D. Right now, I no longer work in Pluit but I still walk (minimum) 3kms on weekedays.

2. Jogging

I feel guilty because i have skipped jogging for more than 1 months because of rainy day. I should also confess that I often skip jogging because I wake up very late because of watching football match :D. Usually I used to go jogging 4 times a week in the morning for 30 minutes.

3. Cycling

Since the rise of fuel price increase, i decided to ride my bicycle to the transjakarta bus station. But then again, raining and football matches prevents me from doing that. I hope I can do it again soon. For your information, I used to join bicycle touring with my cyclist friends but has been 2,5 years since the last time I did it. At that time, we went to Sawarna beach from Rangkasbitung (129 km). To go to Rangkasbitung, we took train and brought our bicycle inside. Here’s some picture on our activities.

sawarnasawarna 2sawarna 3

4. Badminton and Tennis

I have badminton 2 badminton rackets and 1 tennis racket. The main problem is to be able to play those sports, I need a friend. Right now, it is very hard to find a friend who has time to play it. Well, are any of you interested to join me ?

5. Indoor Football

You can find how I developed my interest in indoor football in this article https://deportistaverde.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/i-was-called-tomboy-because-i-love-football/ . It has been more than 6 months since the last time I played indoor football. Because it is a sport which only could be played by 10 person, i should depend on my friend’s schedule. Here was one of my pictures when i played indoor football :


When the admin of this group announced that we should write about fashion, I was confused because I don’t consider myself as a fashionable. As for me, being fashionable needs a lot of money. Honestly, I almost never buy new clothes if I don’t really need it. I buy more books than clothes 😀 . But if you ask me what kind of clothes I wear to go to the office, i could show you my very casual outfit.

This picture was taken on 8 March 2015 at Bundaran HI. I was there to take picture of protest against gender discrimination.

This picture was taken on 8 March 2015 at Bundaran HI. I was there to take picture of protest against gender discrimination.

So, here is the detail of my outfit :

  • T-shirt reading “Sister in Danger” , bought from “Simponi” – an indie band that campaign for social issues , particulary on anti corruption and eradication of gender violence. If you care to support the movement, you could contact them to buy this t-shirt (if available) : @simponii at twitter or e-mail to simponi10@gmail.com
  • Jeans , bought at Matahari Department Store Pondok Gede
  • Backpack , bought at Ramayana Department Store, Taman Mini Square
  • Sunglasses, bought at Rodalink Kalimalang, Bekasi
  • Diadora shoes, bought at Sport Station , Taman Mini Square

I am sure that many of you wonder why I always wear this kind of outfit. First, I work in a sport media and our boss allows us to wear casual outfit. In reality, most of sport media worker wear casual outfit, not only in my office. Second, everyday I take transjakarta bus. Sometimes, the air conditioner inside the bus doesn’t function well that’s why I need to wear comfortable clothes. And the last, sport shoes prevent me from being stepped on when I stand inside the bus and also make me comfortable while walking.

World Cup 1994 will always live in my memory. That event has marked my whole life towards football. Although I only watched final match (between Brazil and Italia), I was so impressed. Since that day, I considered myself as a football lover.

At that time, girls who love football were considered as an abnormal girl, simply because in Indonesia almost people had never seen a girl play football. In reality, Indonesia had a famous football player, Muthia Datau. She was a goalkeeper of Indonesian national female football in 1980s. At that time Indonesia also had a female football league called “Galanita” (Liga Sepakbola Wanita / Female Football League)’

My parents knew my affection towards football. They didn’t prohibit me from watching football match but prohibited me from playing football with boys. The problem was that i didn’t have female friends who liked playing football. Many times, without my parents knowing, I played football with boys.

The boys didn’t mind if I joined them to play. They never mocked me. My teachers and my friends in junior high school also knew that I love football. Sadly, most of them who mocked me by calling me “tomboy” are female (friends and teachers). They couldn’t understand why a girl love football. They thought that football is a game exclusively for men. I told them that in Sweden, it is common for women to play football. Even Sweden has its female national team. I kept thinking why women can’t do what men can do. It was a unanswerable question for years.

When I studied in Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, there was a sport competition and  indoor football was one of them. I was so happy because I could play it with female friends. Few of them even played indoor football when they were in senior high school. I always played as a goalkeeper, because I realized that I couldn’t dribble well. Being a goalkeeper is not easy. You shouldn’t be afraid of falling and you should be tough. I always enjoy being a goalkeeper until now.

In 2004 I took an interesting elective course called : “Women and Law”. I always feel lucky to take that course because it changed my life forever. In the course, I learnt a new word : “gender stereotype”. Males are expected to demonstrate certain characteristics and behaviours that are “masculine”, while females are responsible for being “feminine”. Traditionally, females have been expected to wear dresses, cook, clean, raise children, maintain a beautiful body, and remain passive. Female considered as a “weaker sex”, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This expectation of femininity often results in women being marginalized from participating and competing in physical activities, including football.

Society expects women to be “ladylike”, not demonstrate characteristics that are defined as being masculine. However, when women “cross the line” and exhibit these so-called masculinity, their gender identity, sexual orientation and behavior are often questioned. I felt empowered by taking the course. Finally, my question was answered. Since the day I took the course, I was proclaimed myself as a feminist.

In 2007, I joined a community of football fan called Milanisti Indonesia. I met some girls who are interested in playing indoor football. After that, we formed an indoor football team. We have participated in many friendly and official matches. Winning or not is not the main purpose. The most important is that we, as women, can play football without being stereotyped. Because football is universal , and has no gender, ethnic, or race.

Milanisti Indonesia in Indo Manchester United's tournamen (2009)

Milanisti Indonesia in Indo Manchester United’s tournamen (2009)


Milanisti Angels , in a friendly match in 2009


Bolanet futsal tournament, in 2012


With the coach. Bolanet futsal tournament 2012

Myself as a goalkeeper, defended Arsenal Fan club futsal team.

Myself as a goalkeeper, defended Arsenal Fan club futsal team.

I have been joining social media since 2004, when people started to have account in friendster. Since then, I met many new friends but I can’t count how many that I met. The first purpose of joining social media is to connect with friends, including old friends. The “other purpose” is to find new friends. Usually, I like meeting a new friends who share the same hobbies. However, I don’t rule out the possibility of meeting new friends who don’t share the same hobbies.

In December 2012, I met Sherlita, whom I know through twitter, in Cafe Pisa, Tebet. I followed her twitter because she had ever become a victim of police misconduct. She spoke out about her experience and even invited by a tv station to tell her story. Because I always be angry over injustice and mistreatement, I tried to ask her some question. Luckily, she didn’t mind to share it when we first met. She is smart, always has a lot of story, and a bit stubborn just like me 😀 .

Since that day we have met many times. The second meet up took place at Beer Garden, SCBD. At that meet-up, 2 friends of hers joined us. The last meet up with Sherlita was when we attended a “Peace March” in Bundaran Hotel Indonesia on July 2014. Here is the picture of our last meet up.

IMG_8946 - Copy

A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear my younger self,

How are you, Wulan? Are you still juggling with your thesis?? Don’t be stress, I’m sure you can do it. Your thesis advisor, Mr.NJ, who’s also a prosecutor, is torturing you with many questions, isn’t he??? Well, since he’s a prosecutor and a smart man, he always does the same to his students. So, don’t worry, you are not the only victims.

Since you started writing your thesis, your sleeping habit change. You write your thesis from 9 pm to 4.30 am and you do it almost every day. Even you forget to do the thing that you like the most : sports!!! Why don’t you play indoor soccer or badminton ?? Waking up at night is not good for your health, dear, especially if you do it every day. You are completely crazy because of your thesis!!!

And do you know that 6 months after you finished writing thesis, you will suffer from allergic bronchitis? It will happen one week after you start working. You will feel like you can’t breath . You never feel like that before because you are always very healthy. Doctor will say that you suffer from “chronic fatigue”. And after that, you will realize that no matter how hard you feel in your life, you will never leave your hobby : sports. Three years after that you will realize how’s the role of sport to keep you sane and healthy even though you are on difficult situation.

Dear Wulan, I’m sure you watched Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool. You are sad because Milan lost in penalty shoot out but you realize that it’s just a game who was played in Istanbul. In football, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And talking about Istanbul , have you ever thought that you will have interest in Turkish issues? You will start to be interested in Turkish issues since Gezi Park movement 8 years later. In addition, you will have a smart friend who likes to talk about politics. But beware, he is very sarcastic.

Speaking of yourself 10 years later, you will be fine. You will change a lot. You will not the one that you used to. You will feel free and healthier. You will still do the same things such as doing sports and watching football match. Other activities that you will do sometimes is taking picture of protest. Other people will avoid protest on the street, but you will be happy being surrounded by the protesters.

Ten years later will also fight to get scholarship to continue your master degree in England. Your life will full of fighting, dear because that’s life! And as a feminist, you will start to write and read about women’s football. You will understand that women in football suffer a great injustice. You will do some real action to “voice the unheard voices” because it’s you, yes you, who will always tremble indignation at every injustice.

Last but not least, congratulation on your thesis defense. That “killer prosecutor” didn’t torture you on your thesis defense, did he?

Much Love, Wulan

English Friday : In Arsene We Trust

IMG_4010 - CopyWhen the admin of BEC announced that the challenge of this week would be : “Snap and tell a story”, I remembered a simple picture with big meaning which I took on July 2012 in Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. I took this picture when i attended open training session of Arsenal Football Men’s team.  At that time, Arsenal came to Kuala Lumpur as a part of Asia Tour. The next day after the training session, they played  a friendly games against Malaysia Men’s football team.

I will not talk about the tour as a whole because I will only emphasize on this picture which I took. When I was in the training session, I saw an Arsenal fan brought a banner reading : “In Arsene We Trust”. Some of you may be wondering why Arsenal fan trusts Arsene and who is Arsene.

Arsene Wenger is a coach of Arsenal Football Men’s team. He was appointed as a coach in September 1996. Before joining Arsenal, he was a coach of Nagoya Grampus Eight from 1995 to 1996. Arsene came to “revolutionize” Arsenal. In 1995-1996 Premier League season, Arsenal finished  fifth and they had been without trophies for 3 years. Those “years without trophies” ignited his appointment as a coach.

Two years after his appointment, Arsenal won Premier League and FA Cup. Although Arsenal always failed at trying to win Champions Leaguie, but at least , from 1998 to 2005, they won 11 domestic titles. The problem began to soar after Arsenal failed to win 2006 Champions League edition.  It seemed that fortune was not on the side of them because they began to have difficulty winning any title.

In the middle of “Arsenal crisis”, many people started to doubt Arsene, especially mass media in England and supporters. In contrast, Arsenal board of director always show their support to Arsene.  Even though there are supporters who doubt him, other supporters always support and defend him. They show their support by carrying banner reading : “In Arsene We Trust”. These banners were not only appeared in Emirates Stadium (Arsenal’s homebase in London), but also in Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.

Personally, I am an admirer of Arsene Wenger. Despite his failure not winning any title from 2005 to 2014, I always admire him because of his integrity. It was reported that he rejected very interesting offers from Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, and England football men’s team. Big money is not his priority as long as he wants to stay in Arsenal. And as long as the board of director and supporters want him to stay….