War is far from being over in Syria. Nice thought,

Elijah J. Magnier | ايليا ج مغناير


There are three possible scenarios in Syria

Participation of Arab troops  in Syria is not excluded ..

As in Berlin WWII, Syria might face Gharbistan and Sharqistan

By Elijah J. Magnier (@ejmalrai)

A high-ranking officer within the joint operations room in Damascus, which includes Russia, Iran and Syria and Hezbollah said, “ there are three possible scenarios in Syria: The first is the Arab ground troops would enter Syria from the Turkish borders, in the area under the so-called “Islamic State” group (ISIS) on the long bordering front from Jarablus to Al-Ra’ee. This can be possible and quickly achievable if a kind of an agreement is reached between Turkey and ISIS. After all, the Jihadist group has to face either the Turkish-Arab forces – that could allow a possible exit – or the Russian-Iranian-Hezbollah forces where there will be no exit”.

“The second scenario is through the Jordanian borders East…

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