As a commuter, taking public transportation in Jakarta is a struggle. I live in Bekasi, approximately 20 kilometers from my office. Everyday i took “angkot” (a type of minibus) on the street near my house to transjakarta bus station. In this article, I will explain more about my struggle to arrive at the office and house by taking transjakarta. For some of you who live in Jakarta and greater, taking public transportation is a struggle. For others, it could be considered as a torture. Remember that torture is considered as violation of human rights and those who torture other people should be punished, shouldn’t they? šŸ˜€

What kind of challenge or torture that you will meet during taking transjakarta bus? First of all, like any public transportation in every country, you will be inside the bus with full of people. As for me, being inside the bus with many people is not a problem. The problem is the if the air conditioner doesn’t function well. Consequently, you will get free sauna. It’s fun, isn’t it? :p

The second one is standing inside the bus. Personally it’s not a big problem for me because i count it as an exercise. But can you imagine standing inside bus in a heavy traffic jam for more than 2 hours? I have experienced it, exactly almost 3 weeks ago. On 10 March 2015, there was a heavy traffic jam. I waited transjakarta bus at Semanggi station for more than 1 hour. At that time, I also had headache that made me almost fainted. The bus station was very crowded and the temperature was very hot. I wasn’t in good condition because of headache. Fortunately, I can managed myself so I didn’t faint. I decided to sit and drink mineral water. Right after I felt better, I continued waiting for the bus. But then I had to stand for more than 2 hours inside the bus and the day after, I had back pain. Fortunately my back pain only lasted for 2 days.

For the last several months until, most probably, 2018, there is ongoing construction of MRT project in Jakarta. As a consequence, traffic congestion is getting worse and absolutely I should wait transjakarta bus longer than before. To kill my time during a traffic jam, I launched sarcasm by making meme. This my creativity:

meme transjakartaAfter all of you knowing the challenge or torture of taking transjakarta bus, I could give some tips on how to reduce discomfort inside transjakarta bus.

1. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Poor condition of air conditioner will make you sweat a lot.

2. Dont bring too many things. Transjakarta is very crowded especially in peak hour.

3. Have enough sleep.

You might be think that you will get a seat inside the bus but don’t you ever wish! If you get it you can sleep but if you don’t get it, be prepared to stand. It has happened to many times especially if I don’t have enough sleep because of watching football match šŸ˜€ .

4. Doing exercise regularly.

By dong it, you will not get tired easily. Do exercise who can strengthen your leg muscle so that you don’t really feel tired when you are standing.

5. Bring mineral water.

Drinking water Is important to prevent dehydration. The temperature inside the bus could reach 36 degrees if it is full and if the air conditioner doesn’t work well.

6. Take care of your belonging because in public transportation there will always be pickpocket