I have been joining social media since 2004, when people started to have account in friendster. Since then, I met many new friends but I can’t count how many that I met. The first purpose of joining social media is to connect with friends, including old friends. The “other purpose” is to find new friends. Usually, I like meeting a new friends who share the same hobbies. However, I don’t rule out the possibility of meeting new friends who don’t share the same hobbies.

In December 2012, I met Sherlita, whom I know through twitter, in Cafe Pisa, Tebet. I followed her twitter because she had ever become a victim of police misconduct. She spoke out about her experience and even invited by a tv station to tell her story. Because I always be angry over injustice and mistreatement, I tried to ask her some question. Luckily, she didn’t mind to share it when we first met. She is smart, always has a lot of story, and a bit stubborn just like me 😀 .

Since that day we have met many times. The second meet up took place at Beer Garden, SCBD. At that meet-up, 2 friends of hers joined us. The last meet up with Sherlita was when we attended a “Peace March” in Bundaran Hotel Indonesia on July 2014. Here is the picture of our last meet up.

IMG_8946 - Copy