According to Hippocrates (a Greek physician), there are 4 types of personalities. They are sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, and melancholic. Each personality shares its positive and negative that can either bring advantage or disadvantages in professional or personal life. Any personality maybe dominant in a person but most of them demonstrate more than one personality.

I consider myself as a choleric person. And did you know that most choleric person are male. And probably it’s one of the reason why most of my close friends are male. 😀

Positive sides of choleric personality are :  Natural born leader, solving problem, motivator, decision maker, loving freedom and independence, having strong will, and pragmatic. On the contrary, the negative sides would be : Bossy, impatient, quick tempered, enjoying controversy and argument, inflexible, dislike tears and emotion.

It is often said that choleric person are not suitable for certain jobs that required emotion such as doctor, nurse, actress/actor. Other job which isn’t considered to be suitable job for choleric is writer. Melancholic person are the most talented in writing because of their natural instinct toward artistic expression, including writing. They’re detail-oriented, patient, and idealistic.

The fact that I like writing is not in line with my personality. As I stated above that a writer is detail oriented and patient.That is why sometimes I have difficulty to write romance or any kind of story which involved emotion, although I really want to write about it. (of course it’s not my story. It only an imaginary story).

I’m a choleric person who really want to write a story which involved emotion. Do i have  alter ego or “double life”? Well I leave this question to you all. 😀